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Pet Spaying & Neutering in Fairfax, VA

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Pet overpopulation is a huge problem. Millions of cats and dogs are turned over to pet shelters each year, and only a small percentage of them find homes — the remainder of whom are put down. One of the biggest shames of this problem is that it’s easily preventable with pet spaying and neutering.

In Fairfax, VA, responsible pet owners take their pets to Jermantown Animal Hospital for cat and dog spaying and neutering. Since 1980, we have offered a variety of pet healthcare services to maintain the wellness of pets, including vaccinations, dental care, and more. Expect personalized care, quality facilities, and a happy and healthy pet.

The Health Benefits of Pet Spaying

When most people think about spaying their pets, the most common reasoning has to do with avoiding unwanted pregnancies. But maybe you don’t consider this an issue because you always keep an eye on your pet, never letting your cat leave the house or keeping your dog under constant supervision. However, there are many other health and cost benefits to consider.

Pet spaying is one way to extend the life of your pet, as it eliminates the risk of ovarian cancer and uterine infections. Dog spaying before puberty reduces the risk of breast cancer. Treating these conditions is difficult, expensive, and there’s no guarantee that the animals will recover fully. Dog and cat spaying also results in a cleaner animal, as you don’t have to worry about bloody discharges when your pet is in heat. Spaying also makes your pet more agreeable, as they won’t misbehave by trying to attract a mate.

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The Health Benefits of Pet Neutering

Unless you’re a professional animal breeder, allowing your pet to breed adds to overpopulation. Even though your male cat or dog can’t get pregnant, you’re still leaving someone else to deal with an unwanted pregnancy. But even if you always keep your cat or dog under constant supervision, there are still other benefits to consider. 

A neutered cat or dog behaves better. Cats and dogs will do just about anything they can to escape your home when it’s mating season, whether it’s tearing up your home, digging under a fence, or just running away. Cat and dog neutering curtails this behavior, keeping them agreeable and more likely to stay home. A direct health benefit of dog and cat neutering is that they can’t get testicular cancer, leading to a longer life.

Trust Us for the Care of Your Pet 

The health and safety of your pets are always our top concern. We love animals as much as you do, doing everything we can to keep them comfortable during their procedure. Expect a healthy, well-behaved pet when you choose us.

Contact us to schedule an appointment for spaying or neutering. Located in Fairfax, Virginia, we proudly serve pet owners from, Northern Virginia, Oakton, Vienna, Centreville, Chantilly, and the surrounding area.

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