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Cat Declawing in Fairfax, VA

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Your cat might be cute, but when he’s destroying your furniture and leaving his mark on you, he suddenly doesn’t seem so cuddly. Save your skin and your surfaces and go to Jermantown Animal Hospital for cat declawing in Fairfax, VA. While there may be some other solutions for scratching, declawing is often the best one for your cat’s health and family’s well-being.

Depend on us for the safe care of your pet. Our facility is fully equipped to ensure the health and safety of your pet. You can count on us to review your best options.

Cat in Fairfax, VA

Is Pet Declawing a Good Idea?

Pet declawing is a personal decision that involves the welfare of you and your pet. It’s a relatively controversial topic as it pertains to altering a cat’s paws, but it’s actually a very safe procedure like spaying or neutering. A common argument against the procedure is that it affects a cat’s ability to defend itself, but as long as you plan on keeping your cat indoors, there’s no need to worry about your furry friend’s safety. The healing process takes as little as a week, and is typically shorter for kittens than for older cats. While kitten declawing is generally preferable to declawing an older cat, it can be harder to break habits of older cats, making declawing the best option if getting rid of the cat is the other option.

The Trusted Source for Cat & Kitten Declawing

Since 1982, Jermantown Animal Hospital has been the trusted source for pet healthcare services. We are a one-vet clinic, so you will only ever deal with one veterinarian when you come here, ensuring quality, consistent care with every visit. Dr. Ivan Metzger has over 35 years of experience, during which time he has advanced his education through extensive post-graduate studies. He was the past president and is the current Director Emeritus of the DC Academy of Veterinary Medicine. In 2006, he was voted America’s Top Vet. 

The health and safety of your cat are always our top priorities when you come in for cat declawing. Sedation or anesthesia are used to keep your cat in a calm state, and we use all of the latest techniques to make recovery fast and easy.

Contact us to schedule an appointment for declawing. Located in Fairfax, Virginia, we proudly serve pet owners from, Northern Virginia, Oakton, Vienna, Centreville, Chantilly, and the surrounding area.

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